A LDAP Extended Request: Initiate a resync for a DirXML driver on a server.

To use this class with the Novell Java LDAP SDK create an instance and call LDAPConnection.extendedOperation with the instance as the LDAPExtendedOperation parameter.

To use this class with Java LDAP JNDI create an instance and call LdapContext.extendedOperation with the instance as the ExtendedRequest parameter.

  • Rights needed: Write access to the DirXML-AccessMigrate attribute on the target DirXML-Driver object.
  • OID: 2.16.840.1.113719.
  • Request data:
    • ASN1OctetString UTF-encoded DN of DirXML-Driver object
    • ASN1Integer starting modification time for resync objects (in eDirectory time)
  • The "starting time for resync" specifies the earliest creation or modification time that objects may have and still be part of the resync set
  • There is no specific response data or response class.

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