A Configuration Profile Schema for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)-Based Agents

The authors of this document are implementers of DUAs described by RFC 2307.

In developing these agents, we felt there were several issues that still need to be addressed to ease the deployment and configuration of a large network of these DUAs.

One of these challenges stems from the lack of a utopian schema. A utopian schema would be one that every application developer could agree upon and that would support every application. Unfortunately today, many DUAs define their own schema, even when they provide similar services (like RFC 2307 vs. Microsoft's Services for Unix MSSFU). These schemas contain similar attributes, but use different attribute names. This can lead to data redundancy within directory entries and cause directory administrators unwanted challenges, updating schemas and synchronizing data.

Or, in a more common case, two or more applications may agree on common schema elements, but choose a different schema for other elements of data that might also be shareable between the applications. While data synchronization and translation tools exist, the authors of this document believe there is value in providing this capability in the Directory User Agent itself.

DUA Config Profile Profile Attributes

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