Artificial Neural network (ANN) or connectionist systems are a computational model used in computer science and other research disciplines, which is based on a large collection of simple neural units (artificial neurons), loosely analogous to the observed behavior of a biological brain's axons.

Artificial Neural networks are used within Machine Learning

Each Artificial Neuron is connected with many others, and links can enhance or inhibit the activation state of adjoining Artificial Neuron.

Each individual Artificial Neuron computes using summation function. There may be a threshold function or limiting function on each connection and on the Artificial Neuron itself, such that the signal must surpass the limit before propagating to other Artificial Neurons.

Artificial Neural network systems may be self-learning and trained, rather than explicitly programmed, and excel in areas where the solution or feature detection is difficult to express in a traditional computer program.

Artificial Neural network can be classified as:

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