Authentication Method Reference Values draft-jones-oauth-amr-values-05 amr_values and creates a Authentication Method Reference Values Registry IANA Registry.

The Authentication Method Reference Values Authentication Method Reference Values in the registers the Authentication Method Reference Values in the IANA "OAuth Parameters" registry IANA.OAuth.Parameters established in RFC 6749.

The following is a list of Authentication Method Reference values defined by the Authentication Method Reference Values specification:

faceFacial recognition
fptFingerprint recognition biometric
hwkProof-of-Possession (PoP) of a hardware-secured key. See Appendix C of RFC 4211 for a discussion on PoP.
irisIris recognition
kbaKnowledge-based authentication NIST.SP.800-63
mcaMultiple-channel Authentication. The authentication involves communication over more than one distinct channel.
mfaMulti-Factor Authentication NIST.SP.800-63. When this is present, specific Authentication Methods used may also be included.
otpOne-Time password. One-Time password specifications that this Authentication Method applies to include RFC 4226 and RFC 6238.
pinPersonal Identification Number or pattern (not restricted to containing only numbers) that a user enters to unlock a key on the device. This mechanism SHOULD have a way to deter an attacker from obtaining the PIN by trying repeated guesses.
pwdPassword-based Authentication
rbaRisk-Based Authentication JECM
retinaRetinal scan biometric
scSmart Card
smsConfirmation using SMS message to the user at a registered number
swkProof-of-Possession (PoP) of a Software-secured key. See Appendix C of RFC 4211 for a discussion on PoP.
telConfirmation by telephone call to the user at a registered number
userUser presence test
vbmVoice recognition by Biometric Token
wiaWindows Integrated Authentication, as described in MSDN

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