Backlog is, in Agile, a collection of prioritized User Stories to be done.

A ranked list of briefly-described feature requests. Ideally, these "feature requests" should be broken down into user stories.

Why Is The Product Backlog Important?#

  • Backlog is constructed and designed so a Delivery Team can provide estimates for each User Story.
  • Backlog helps guide road map planning. Having a list of features whose rank can be changed allows us to welcome new ideas and changes in direction.
  • Backlog helps Delivery Teams focus on delivering the highest value first; teams rank and re-rank for value.

Characteristics Of The Product Backlog#

One Backlog per product or project, seeded by large to very large feature requests.

Backlogs can be worked on by a single Delivery Team or by multiple Delivery Teams.

Feature ranking is based on business value, technical value, risk management, and strategic fit

Highest ranked Backlog items are decomposed during release planning into User Stories that can be completed inside an iteration

Backlog may be broken out into groups of backlogs such as:

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