Card Issuer is the bank that issued the Credit Card and owns the PAN

Card Issuer Responsibilities[1]#

The Card Issuer’s roles and responsibilities are as follows:
  • Recruit Cardholders and enter into contract with them to provide bankcards for making purchases and/or withdrawing cash.
  • Extend credit to and/or manage Cardholder accounts (funds on deposit or credit limit etc.).
  • Bill the Cardholder – preparing and delivering Cardholder statements.
  • Pay the Acquirer for payments made to Merchants on behalf of the Card Issuer’s cardholders – directly or via a Payment Network.
  • Finance the purchase transactions as Acquirer is paid immediately or within a few days whereas, in the case of credit and charge cards, funds are received from the Cardholder
at a later date.

Card Issuer is one member of the The Four-Party Credit Card System

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