Communication Layers are defined for many things within communication Protocols

Networking Layers#

RFC 1122, Internet STD 3 (1989)Cisco AcademyKurose, ForouzanComer KozierokStallingsTanenbaumMike Padlipsky's 1982 "Arpanet Reference Model" (RFC 871)OSI-Model
Four layersFour layersFive layersFour+one layersFive layersFive layersThree layersSeven layers
Internet modelInternet modelFive-layer Internet model or TCP-IP protocol suiteTCP-IP 5-layer reference modelTCP-IP modelTCP-IP 5-layer reference modelArpanet reference modelOSI-Model
Application LayerApplicationApplicationApplicationApplicationApplicationApplication/ProcessApplication Layer
Presentation Layer
Session Layer
Transport LayerTransportTransportTransportHost-to-host or transportTransportHost-to-hostTransport Layer
Internet LayerInternetworkNetworkInternetInternetInternetHost-to-hostNetwork Layer
Link LayerNetwork interfaceData linkData link (Network interface)Network accessData linkNetwork interfaceData-link Layer
Physical(Hardware)PhysicalPhysical Physical Layer

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