Cryptographic Message Syntax or (CMS) is the IETF's standard for Cryptographically protected messages.

Cryptographic Message Syntax can be used to digitally sign, digest, authenticate or encrypt any form of digital data.

Cryptographic Message Syntax is based on the syntax of PKCS7, which in turn is based on the Privacy-Enhanced Mail standard.

Cryptographic Message Syntax (as of 2009) is specified in RFC 5652 (but see also RFC 5911 for updated ASN.1 modules conforming to ASN.1 2002).

Cryptographic Message Syntax architecture is built around certificate-based Key management, such as the profile defined by the PKIX working group.

Cryptographic Message Syntax is used as the key cryptographic component of many other cryptographic standards, such as S/MIME, PKCS12 and the RFC 3161 Digital timestamping protocol.

OpenSSL is open source software that can encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify, compress and uncompress CMS documents.

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