A Custom Menu Driven Script used for a couple of Clients.

Custom NDS Sciprts #

The LDAPBuild Process consists of a menu driven script, that allows installation and maintenance fuctions to be done on Solaris and Linux. AS the LDAPBuild Process is documented else where, it is not included here.

These NDS Scripts are used in the Directory-Info.com Directory Environement and typically deployed by using the LDAPBuild Process



Calling /usr/bin/ndscheck.sh and passing "msgtest" on the commandline will send a test message to the EMAIL_NOTIFY group.



Gathers various performance metrics and places the metrics.

Output data is written to /var/nds/ndsperf.csv


Configures various TCP parameters for Solaris OS for maximizing NDS performance.

Custom NDS Utilties#

NDS utilities that are used in the Directory-Info.com Directory Environement.

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