Datagram is defined in RFC 1594 as a self-contained, independent entity of data carrying sufficient information to be routed from the source to the destination computer without reliance on earlier exchanges between this source and destination computer and the transporting network.

Datagram must be self-contained without reliance on earlier exchanges because there is no connection of fixed duration between the two communicating points as there is, for example, in most voice telephone conversations

Datagram service routes datagrams without first creating a predetermined path. Datagram service is therefore considered connectionless. There is also no consideration given to the order in which it and other datagrams are sent or received. In fact, many datagrams in the same group can travel along different paths before reaching the same destination

User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is run by a datagram service in the Internet Protocol which is an entirely connectionless, best effort, unreliable, message delivery service.

Datagram is often considered synonymous to packet but there are some nuances. The term Datagram is generally reserved for packets of an unreliable service, which cannot notify the sender if delivery fails, while the term packet applies to any packet, reliable or not.

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