DirXML and Oracle (OID) is about working with DirXML and Oracle's Oracle Internet Directory.

Many of these concepts may also apply to other Oracle database or Directory products:

Using Bi-directional Password Synchronization with Oracle Internet Directory#

Although, we do not recommend Using Bi-directional Password Synchronization with Oracle Internet Directory, some people appear to have it figured out.

Why do we not recommend it? We fell it is always best to limit the Policy Decision Point when ever you implement policies, passwords or any policy.


As with ALL works, there are always others involved.

A noted thanks to:

  • Michel Bluteau of Novell who provided many articles and emails that were very helpful.
  • Steve Trottier of Novell for his help and assistance with the Oracle Internet Directory and DirXML Moves issue.
  • Father Ramon who helps us with all our (dirxml) troubles.

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