The scripts deployed by the LDAPBuildProcess use a simple mechisim to determine if a server is in a Scheduled Maintenance mode or if there is some failure in the operation of Edirectory.

The Script Varaibles defines the following variables

  • ndscheckMaintFlag=/tmp/nondscheck - A file, which is present implys that manual maintenance is being performed on the server.
  • sMaintTime="010000" - The Time the scheduled maintenance window starts
  • eMaintTime="013000" - The Time the scheduled maintenance window ends
  • ndscheckMAX_STATUS_COUNT =6 - Maximum polling internvals to ignore a down condition (1 Hour)
  • ndscheckAlertFile=/tmp/ndscheckAlert.tmp - Temp file to keep track of what services are down from poll to poll

Any events that trigger alerts should; before sending an alert:

  • Check that the alert is NOT within the scheduled maintenance window
if [[ ${DATE:8}00 > ${sMaintTime} && ${DATE:8}00 < ${eMaintTime} ]]; then
  f_write_and_log "${DATE:0:4},${DATE:4:2},${DATE:6:2},`date '+%H:%M:%S'`,Scheduled maintenance window; exiting without action."
  exit 0 # or some other method to not send an alert.
  • Check the presence of the ndscheckMaintFlag (This flag is maintained by and should not be written to or removed by any other automation process.)
if [ -f $ndscheckMaintFlag ]
   f_write_and_log "`date '+%H:%M:%S'`,manual maintenance in progress; exiting."
   exit 0 # or some other method to not send an alert.

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