Edirectory Administrative Password Changes describes a Password Reset when using EDirectory

The Universal Password Policy has an "Do not expire the user's password when the administrator sets the password" (attribute nspmAdminsDoNotExpirePassword) which effects Edirectory Administrative Password Changes:


Generally anytime an administrator changes a Password Reset of another user using EDirectory Utilities, then the PasswordExpirationTime will be set to:

  • 1992-01-01 - If an administrator changes a NDS Password it's expired to 1992-01-01.
  • 2017-04-26-10:01:023 (Current Time) - If if using NMAS (including Universal Password).

When changing programmatically#

When changing programmatically the passwordExpirationTime will be set to the same time as the pwdChangedTime which would be the time the password was changed.

You can to set the passwordExpirationTime to a desired value as long as it is earlier than the passwordExpirationInterval.

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