The master replica is a writable replica type used to initiate changes to an object or partition. The master replica manages the following types of eDirectory partition operations:

  • Adding replicas to servers
  • Removing replicas from servers
  • Creating new partitions in the eDirectory tree
  • Removing existing partitions from the eDirectory tree
  • Relocating a partition in the eDirectory tree

The master replica is also used to perform the following types of eDirectory object operations:

  • Adding new objects to the eDirectory tree
  • Removing, renaming, or relocating existing objects in the eDirectory tree
  • Authenticating objects to the eDirectory tree
  • Adding new object attributes to the eDirectory tree
  • Modifying or removing existing attributes

By default, the first eDirectory server on your network holds the master replica. There is only one master replica for each partition at a time. If other replicas are created, they are read/write replicas by default.

If you're going to bring down the server holding a master replica for longer than a day or two, you can make one of the read/write replicas the master. The original master replica automatically becomes read/write.

A master replica must be available on the network for eDirectory to perform operations such as creating a new replica or creating a new partition.

Do NOT confuse Edirectory Master Replica with LDAP Multi-Master Servers. All Edirectory and Read/Write Replica servers are LDAP Multi-Master Servers.

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