The eDirectory MIB defines statistics and traps to monitor eDirectory. This MIB is assigned the following OID:


eDirectory 8.7.x (and higher) has a SNMP MIB (EDIRMIB) that contains many traps and polls described in the attached Excel SpreadSheet Attached (See Below)


The actual edir.mib(info) file.

Traps - ndsTrapVariables#

The eDirectory MIB defines 119 traps. Out of this, 117 traps map to eDirectory events and 2 additional traps ndsServerStart and ndsServerStop are directly generated by the SNMP subagent. These 2 traps cannot be configured.

The eDirectory Service Monitoring MIB#

The eDirectory Service Monitoring MIB is divided into four distinct tables of managed objects:
  • The Cache Database Statistics Table - ndsDbCacheTable: Contains a description of the directory servers as well as summary statistics on the entries cached by these servers. (21 Different Entries)
  • The Config Database Statistics Table - ndsDbConfigTable: Contains a description of the directory servers as well as summary statistics on the entries configured by these servers. (11 Different Entries)
  • The Protocol Statistics Table - ndsProtoIfOpsTable: Provides summary statistics on the accesses, operations, and errors for each application protocol interface of a directory server. (11 Different Entries)
  • The Interaction Statistics Table - ndsServerIntTable: Keeps track of the last "N" directory server with which the monitored directory has interacted or attempted to interact. "N" is a locally defined constant.

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