Force Immediate Synchronization with ndsrepair#

Linux - Execute "/opt/novell/eDirectory/bin/ndstrace" from the server command-line. Within the ndstrace utility enter:
SET NDSTRACE=ON (enables file logging to /var/nds/DSTRACE.LOG)
SET NDSTRACE=NODEBUG (turns off all preset filters)
SET NDSTRACE=+SKLK (enables filter of synchronization traffic)
SET NDSTRACE=*H (initiates synchronization between servers)

You could do this more automated

ndstrace -c 'SET NDSTRACE=ON'
ndstrace -c 'SET NDSTRACE=+SKLK'
ndstrace -c 'SET NDSTRACE=*H'
To Exit command-line process use
ndstrace -u

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