Form Post Response Mode


Form Post Response Mode (form_post) is the Form Post Response Mode parameter which indicates is an OAuth 2.0 Response_mode where Authorization Response parameters are encoded as HTML form values that are auto-submitted in the User-agent, and thus are transmitted via the HTTP POST method to the Client, with the result parameters being encoded in the body using the application/x-www-form-urlencoded format.

The action attribute of the form MUST be the OAuth Client's redirect_uri. The method of the form attribute MUST be POST.

Because the Authorization Response is intended to be used only once, the Authorization Server MUST instruct the User-agent (and any intermediaries) not to store or reuse the content of the Authorization Response.

Any technique supported by the user-agent MAY be used to cause the submission of the form, and any form content necessary to support this MAY be included, such as submit controls and client-side scripting commands. However, the OAuth Client MUST be able to process the message without regard for the mechanism by which the form submission was initiated.

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