GCP Storage Classes defined various properties about GCP Storage Products
DescriptionGCP Multi-RegionalGCP RegionalNearlineColdline
User StoryFrequentSystem AccessBackupDisaster Recovery
DurationHot DataHot Data30 day minimum90 day minimum
Storage Cost0.0260.020.010.007
Retrieval Costnonenone 0.010.05
WhereGCP Multi-RegionalGCP RegionalNearlineColdline

GCP Storage Classes Changes#

You can change Google Regional or GCP Regional to Google Nearline or Google Coldline but can not change between GCP Regional or Google Regional without performing gsutil copies of moving.
Changing GCP Storage Classes is a "state" change to the GCP Bucket. That the change will only affect "new" items added to the GCP Bucket. "Old" items are not migrated.


Google Cloud Platform

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