GCP Storage Products


GCP Storage Products

GCP Storage Products always (??) you create a bucket to store your data. A bucket has three properties that you specify when you create it:

GCP Storage Products #

GCP Storage Classes#

GCP Storage Classes are various properties about GCP Storage Products


GCP ACL allow discrete Access Control to individual objects within a GCP Bucket for any GCP Member


Cloud StoargeCloud SQLCloud SpannerGCP DatastoreBigTableBigQuery
Capacitypetabytes+Gigabytes1000s of NodesTerebytespetabytespetabytes
Access MetaphorLike files in a File SystemRDBMSGlobal Scale RDBMSKey-values HBase APIRelationaldata warehouse for Metric Analysis
ReadCopy to local diskSelect rowsTransactionalFilter Object on Propertyscan rowsSelect rows
WriteOne FileINSERT rowTransactionalPUT propertyPUT rowBatch Stream
Update GranularityAn ObjectFiledSQL Schemas ACIDAttributerowField
UsageStore BLOBSSQL in CloudACIDStructured data App EngineHigh Throughput dataSQL managed Data warehouse


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