GUID is an Attribute defined in EDirectory which is a Universally Unique Identifier for any entry.

We believe GUID follows the RFC 4122

Attribute Definition#

The GUID AttributeTypes is defined as:


EDirectory and DirXML Usages#

There are several different methods that are used to display any given GUID within EDirectory and DirXML,
  • Display Apache Directory Studio: 4c53c981-5dba-11d9-89a2-890b9bd48a51
  • Octet String: 81:C9:53:4C:BA:5D:D9:11:89:A2:89:0B:9B:D4:8A:51
  • UUID: 81c9534c-ba5d-d911-89a2-890b9bd48a51
  • Edir2Edir Association: {4C53C981-5DBA-11d9-89A2-890B9BD48A51}
    • Why would the "11d9" be the ONLY lower case within an association?
  • Entitlement Association: {81C9534C-BA5D-D911-89A2-890B9BD48A51}
    • We have seen this format referred to as UUID "registry format".
  • C1/Imanager Displaying Association: 4C53C9815DBA11D989A2890B9BD48A51

Sure seems like poor coordination and forethought to us.

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