Google Cloud DataStore is a GCP Storage Product that offers a highly scalable, NoSQL database for your applications.

Google Cloud DataStore is a NoSQL Database managed by Google that may be ideal for storing data in your Google App Engine applications.

Google Cloud DataStore is schemaless.

You store entities and entities have properties and properties have values.

  • Google Cloud DataStore is a no-opt service, meaning you don't have to configure it in any way.
  • Google Cloud DataStore will scale automatically as your application grows.
  • Google Cloud DataStore stores your data across multiple zones for high availability and fault tolerance.
  • Google Cloud DataStore allows for ACID transactions.

There is a free quota for Google Cloud DataStore. For small applications, you may never pay anything for its use.

Google Cloud DataStore has language APIs that make it easy to use, plus you can use Datastore from other applications using its REST API.

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