Google Cloud Storage is part of the GCP Storage Products Offering which offers unified Object storage for developers and enterprises, from live data serving to data analytics/ML to data archiving.[1]

Google Cloud Storage User Story#

Google Cloud Storage Availability#

Google Cloud Storage is designed for 99.999999999% Availability

Google Cloud Storage Standard Storage#

Users that create a bucket without specifying a storage class, or that create Standard Storage buckets, see those buckets listed as Standard in the API. These buckets are equivalent to Multi-Regional Storage or Regional Storage, depending on their location setting, and are charged equivalently. Accordingly, in the Google Cloud Console, these buckets are listed as Multi-Regional Storage or Regional Storage.

Google Cloud Storage Features#

Google Cloud Storage Access Methods#

Google Cloud Storage Elasticity#

Google Cloud Storage Consistency#

When a Update or create succeeds, the latest copy of the Object storage is guaranteed to be returned to any GET, globally. This applies to PUTs of new or overwritten objects and DELETEs.

Google Cloud Storage Encryption#

Google Cloud Storage Versioning#

Google Cloud Storage supports Object storage Versioning so any object can be rolled back to a previous state.

Google Cloud Storage Access Control#

Google Cloud Storage uses Google Cloud IAM for Access Control.

Object storage Life cycle Management#

For example, if a version of an object is more than 30 days old, we could automatically have it moved to cold storage. There's a built in storage transfer service that makes it easy to move data in buckets to and from other locations.

Google Cloud Storage Change Notifications#

Google Cloud Storage supports Change Notifications use Webhooks or can use GCP PubSub


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