Microsoft Active Directory uses GroupType as a Bitmask that define the type and scope of a group object in Active Directory Groups.

NOTE: pagename only applies to the default group ObjectClass Type Group.

Possible Values#

00x00000000MSDN says it could be 0 but not what "0" is.
10x00000001Specifies a group that is created by the system.
20x00000002Specifies a group with Global Group.
40x00000004Specifies a group with Domain Local Group.
80x00000008Specifies a group with Universal Group.
160x00000010Specifies an APP_BASIC group for Windows Server Authorization Manager.
320x00000020Specifies an APP_QUERY group for Windows Server Authorization Manager.
21474836480x80000000Specifies a Security Group. If this bit is not set, then the group is a Distribution Group.


From LDAP these will appear as:

LDAP Attribute Definition#

The GroupType AttributeTypes is defined as:

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