IDM Out-of-Band Requests

Lets start out by defining what IDM Out-of-Band Requests are.

Out of Band Requests are events that are handled differently than regular IDM events. Some can be triggered by certain conditions or actions within a Rule, some are just results of other events.

The Out of Band requests include:#

  • Query and Direct command from policy: these pause the normal event flow until they finish processing, and when their task is finished, event flow resumes.
  • Status and add-association events: these pass through only a small part of the logic flow before being processed.



A query goes through different paths based on where the query is issued and where the query goes to obtain the information.

The query can be issued by:

  • a condition within a Rule
  • an action within a rule
  • certain noun tokens inside an action's parameters.

It is possible to issue a query from within XSLT code, and such queries behave exactly the same way as the ones issued from within DirXML-Script code.

A <query> always has a <status> coming back as a result.

If any values are returned, those come inside an <instance> event.

It is easy to track its destination and path by the first line in the trace after the <query> document is issued.

Only after the results of the <query> are returned to the rule that issued it, processing will continue on the original event.

Direct Commands#

Status Messages#

add-association events#