Server Setups:

Softdent Share#

There is a second drive in each server that is shared from the root of the driver as data. The Sofdent directory is immediatly below this share.
  • This share is mapped via Login.bat files on the server. as Drive "S:"

Rights Setup#

  • Domain/Users(Group) are members of the local "Power users" (Group) on each machine.
  • Doamin/Administrators(Group) are members of the local Administrators(Group)
  • Users are granted "Full Control" to the C:\Softdent Directory.
  • Domain/Users are granted "Full Control" to the directory. \\servername\data\softdent

User accounts are setup#

  • with "logon.bat" as the login script.
  • user Profiles as
  • Password never exprires.


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