Kerberos Tools Windows


From a Windows machine, You may need to download the remote server administration tools


Klist is on Windows and some other platforms.

setspn #

Reads, modifies, and deletes the Service-Principal Names (SPN) directory property for an Active Directory service account. You use SPNs to locate a target principal name for running a service. You can use setspn to view the current SPNs, reset the account's default SPNs, and add or delete supplemental SPNs.

Add a Computer#

Then execute the following:
dsadd computer "CN=APC16S240b,OU=AIX,OU=Servers,DC=NWIEPILOT,DC=NET" -desc "Server for AIX"  -s NWIEPILOT.NET -u "DEMARIJ1" -p *

List a Computer#

You should also be able to query to check computers as:
dsquery computer "OU=AIX,OU=Servers,DC=NWIEPILOT,DC=NET" -s NWIEPILOT.NET -u "DEMARIJ1" -p *

Remove a Computer#

Likewise, you should be able to remove entries:
Enter Password:
Are you sure you wish to delete CN=APC16S240b,OU=AIX,OU=Servers,DC=NWIEPILOT,DC=
NET (Y/N)? y
dsrm succeeded:CN=APC16S240b,OU=AIX,OU=Servers,DC=NWIEPILOT,DC=NET

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