Overview [1][2]#

Kubernetes is an Open Source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of Containerized applications.

Kubernetes was a project of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

kubectl command-line tool

Kubernetes includes a number of concepts that are new for many developers, and that are covered in this brief introductory lab, including:

  • Nodes: A node is a worker machine in a Kubernetes cluster, and in Google Container Engine, the machine is always a Google Compute Engine instance.
  • Pods: A pod is a group of one or more containers, shared storage, and configuration data relating to those containers. It is common for production applications running in Kubernetes to include multiple, relatively tightly-coupled containers in a single pod.
  • Replication Controllers: A replication controller works to ensure that the requested number of pod replicas are always available and running at a given time. The replication controller automatically adds or removes pods as required to maintain a desired state.
  • Services: A service defines a logical set of pods and a way to access them using an IP Address and port number pair.

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