Overview #

LDAP is a method of communication protocol not an implementation of a server.

NO Server implementation has all the features of LDAP v3 protocol implemented.

All Server implementation have there anomalies and features that may not return results as another Server implementation would.

Virtual Directory Vendors #

BMC Software Acquired Calendra
Oracle IDMAcquired Octet String
SAPAcquired MaXware
Radiant Logic
Optimal IDMVirtual Identity Server by Optimal IDM

Privileged Account Management Vendors #

These products restrict access to the password associated with the account by enforcing its checkout and changing it frequently.
NovellPrivileged User Management (now known as Privileged Account Management (PAM))

Enterprise Access Manager Product#

ActivIdentitywas ActivCard-acquired Protocom
Computer AssociateseSSO - result of its acquisition of Platinum (which had acquired Memco)
NovellNovell Secure Login

A History of LDAP #

Determine LDAP Server Vendor #

How can you tell which LDAP server is being used.

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