A short Description of the application and how it works, what type of users use the applications.

Primary Contacts#


Technical Lead:

Project Manager / Sponser:

PSR/DSR/PARs Information#

How will the Directory Engineering Team be engaged. Please have the project manager add Directory Engineering team member to codes.

Application Admin ID#

If we issue a specific application ID for this project put details here.


(Any groups required list purpose and estimated number of members)

Anticipated Load#

Some estimate of number of users using the application over time. (Try to get in per day)

Connecting Servers#

Development: (ip addresses and DNS names of developement servers that will connect to LDAP)

QA: (ip addresses and DNS names of QA servers that will connect to LDAP)

Production: (ip addresses and DNS names of Production servers that will connect to LDAP)

Test Users#

(If this is in the Dev or QA, we may need to set soem specfic attribute values or something on the users. Provide Details here)

Specific Attribute Access #

What Attributes are being access by the application?

User Authentication Methods#

Will the users performa a bind to the LDAP server? TLS

Application Development#

If the application an "off-the-shelf" application, please provide details (Vendor Docuementation links work well) as to how the application interacts with LDAP.

If the application is being developed, what developement language and API is being used?

Application Support#

(Note any application specific support issues that maybe helpful to others if/when a support issue arises)