Each attribute stored in a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol LDAP directory, whose values may be transferred in the LDAP protocol, has a defined LDAPSyntaxes that constrains the structure and format of its values.

The comparison semantics for values of a LDAPSyntaxes are not part of the LDAPSyntaxes definition but are instead provided through separately defined matching rules.

Matching Rules specify an argument, an assertion value, which also has a defined LDAPSyntaxes.

Microsoft Active Directory has several LDAPSyntaxes that are NOT defined within RFC 2252 or RFC 4520[1]

LDAPSyntaxes - per RFC 4520 are defined within an IANA Registry Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Parameters located at: LDAP Syntaxes

Object IdentifierSyntaxOwnerReference 4530 Type DescriptionIESGRFC-4517 StringIESGRFC-4517 StringIESGRFC-4517 SyntaxIESGRFC-4517 MethodIESGRFC-4517 StringIESGRFC-4517 Content Rule DescriptionIESGRFC-4517 Structure Rule DescriptionIESGRFC-4517 GuideIESGRFC-4517 Telephone NumberIESGRFC-4517 TimeIESGRFC-4517 LDAPSyntaxIESGRFC-4517 StringIESGRFC-4517 Rule DescriptionIESGRFC-4517 Rule Use DescriptionIESGRFC-4517 And Optional UIDIESGRFC-4517 Form DescriptionIESGRFC-4517 StringIESGRFC-4517 Class DescriptionIESGRFC-4517 MailboxIESGRFC-4517 StringIESGRFC-4517 AddressIESGRFC-4517 StringIESGRFC-4517 NumberIESGRFC-4517 Terminal IdentifierIESGRFC-4517 NumberIESGRFC-4517 TimeIESGRFC-4517 Syntax DescriptionIESGRFC-4517 AssertionIESGRFC-4517

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