When using LDAP to view the RootDSE, for Microsoft Active Directory we observe in the supportedControl listing:[2]
supportedControl: 1.2.840.113556.1.4.802 LDAP_SERVER_RANGE_OPTION_OID

The supportedControl uses an OID of 1.2.840.113556.1.4.802.

From Microsoft#

"LDAP_SERVER_RANGE_OPTION_OID, unlike the other controls discussed in this section, does not actually designate an LDAP extended control. Nonetheless, it is included in this discussion because its OID is found in the supportedControl attribute of the DC's rootDSE. The presence of this OID indicates that the DC supports range retrieval of multivalued attributes. Range retrieval is a mechanism that permits attributes that have too many values to be retrieved in a single LDAP search request to be retrieved via multiple LDAP search requests. Range retrieval is documented in section"

Note that although this OID is not present in the supportedControl attribute of Microsoft Windows® 2000 operating system DCs, such DCs nonetheless support range retrieval.:definition text


See infomration on our http://ldapwiki.willeke.com/wiki/Microsoft%20Active%20Directory%20Anomalies#section-Microsoft+Active+Directory+Anomalies-LDAP_SERVER_RANGE_OPTION_OID page.

Java Example#

We did create some Example Java code to make the process easier.

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