Liberty Alliance


The Liberty Alliance is an industry consortium defining standards for federated identity – including enabling simplified sign-on through federated network identification using current and emerging network access devices, as well as supporting and promoting permission-based attribute sharing to enable a user's choice and control over the use and disclosure of his/her personal identification.

Liberty had defined its Identity Federation Framework (ID-FF) on the base provided by SAML V1.x, layering additional functionality on top. Recognizing the value of a single standard for federated SSO, the Alliance submitted ID-FF V1.2 back into the OASIS Security Services Technical Committee as input for SAML V2.0.

Liberty's Identity Web Services Framework (IDWSF), a platform for securing identity-based web services, continues to evolve within the Liberty Alliance. Liberty ID-WSF uses SAML assertions as the security token format by which the authentication and authorization information associated with the various web service actors are communicated amongst them.

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