Overview #

Linked Data Signatures is a mechanism for ensuring the authenticity and integrity of JSON-LD documents using digital Signatures.[1]

Apparently the Linked Data Signatures 1.0 is updated form the GraphSignature2012.

A Simple Linked Data Signatures Example#

Note: the data and signatures will not verify. It is all made up stuff.
  "@context": "http://json-ld.org/contexts/person.jsonld",
  "@id": "http://dbpedia.org/resource/John_Lennon",
  "name": "John Lennon",
  "born": "1940-10-09",
  "spouse": "http://dbpedia.org/resource/Cynthia_Lennon"
  "signature": {
    "type": "LinkedDataSignature2015",
    "creator": "http://example.com/i/pat/keys/5",
    "created": "2011-09-23T20:21:34Z",
    "domain": "example.org",
    "nonce": "2bbgh3dgjg2302d-d2b3gi423d42",
    "signatureValue": "OGQzNGVkMzVm4NTIyZTkZDYMmMzQzNmExMgoYzI43Q3ODIyOWM32NjI="

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