Overview #

NIDM Trace File Searches are some tools we find useful for working with IDM.

We believe you have to know how to read and work with trace files to really know IDM. To get you started see our Novell IDM Required Reading list.

Typically, we use the 'less' command to view tracfiles.

Use Everyday#

We find we need the common ones on every job:
  • 'Status: Error'
  • 'Status: Warning'

SubScriber #

  • 'ST:Start transaction.' - Find start of transaction
  • 'ST: No matches found.' - Find if Matches were found

Publisher #

  • 'PT:Receiving DOM document from application.'

When a Driver Started #

  • ':Reading named passwords list.'

When a Driver properly shut down #

  • 'ST:Driver terminated.'

When Merging Occurs#

Whenever a "matching" entry is found, the the XML attribute 'from-merge' will be set to "true".


  • 'Match found:' - When a match is found. You can see the src-dn at this point.
  • 'ST:A match found' - When a match is found, this line will show the association value.
  • 'Merging eDirectory' - Start of the merging process.


  • 'Match found:' - When a match is found. You can see the src-dn at this point.
  • 'PT:Found an associated object.' - This occurs right after 'Applying publisher filter' and indicates Post-filter Association Processor found an entry in the IDV with an association.
  • 'Merging eDirectory' - Start of the merging process.

Find All Errors and Warnings#

This will foned all lines with Warning or Error Status and show 5 lines before and 1 line after the line.
egrep -B 5 -A 1 'Status: Warning|Status: Error' tracefilename.xml 

More Information #

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