Each Name Service Switch routine will return Name Service Switch Status Messages.

If a routine finds the information, the routine returns a success status message. If the routine does not find the information, the routine returns one of three error status messages. Possible status messages are listed in the following table.

Table 2–2 Switch Search Status Messages#

Status Message Meaning of Message
SUCCESSThe requested entry was found in the specified source.
UNAVAILThe source is either unresponsive or unavailable. In other words, neither the NIS+ table, the NIS map, nor the /etc file could be found or be accessed.
NOTFOUNDThe source responded with “No such entry.” In other words, the table, map, or file was accessed but the needed information was not found.
TRYAGAINThe source is busy. The source might respond next time. In other words, the table, map, or file was found, but could not respond to the query.

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