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File is as of 2005-07-28

# Recommended Novell eDirectory 85.01 settings
# ndsnddconfig.sh
# Modification history:
# 10/3/2002-- Added setting for tcp_xmit_lowat (32768)
# 1/15/2003-- Added BEGIN and END tags
# 2/25/2003-- Converted to use printf instead of echo (different handling of
#              backslach characters in bash)
# 11/17/2003--Added "tcp_conn_req_max_q" setting per Novell recommendation

printf "\n[$0]: BEGIN applying eDirectory TCP tunable parameters\n"

# Time in milliseconds a TCP connection in TIME-WAIT (default 240000 or 4minutes)
# tcp_close_wait_interval is obsolete
ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_time_wait_interval 60000
printf "tcp_time_wait_interval=`ndd /dev/tcp tcp_time_wait_interval`\n"

# The default maximum number of pending TCP connections for a TCP listener waiting
# to be accepted by accept. For applications such as Web servers that might receive
# several connection requests, the default value might be increased to match the
# incoming rate. 
ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_conn_req_max_q 1024
printf "tcp_conn_req_max_q=`ndd /dev/tcp tcp_conn_req_max_q`\n"

# Send window size in bytes (default 8192), see also tcp_max_buf
ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_xmit_hiwat 32768
printf "tcp_xmit_hiwat=`ndd /dev/tcp tcp_xmit_hiwat`\n"

# Default 4096
ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_xmit_lowat 32768
printf "tcp_xmit_lowat=`ndd /dev/tcp tcp_xmit_lowat`\n"

# Receive window size (default 8192), see also tcp_recv_hiwat_minmss & tcp_max_buf
ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_recv_hiwat 32768
printf "tcp_recv_hiwat=`ndd /dev/tcp tcp_recv_hiwat`\n"

# tcp_slow_start_initial=2 (default 2), Sun docs say don't change
# & lower cwnd size (tcp_cwnd_max?) if network congestion

printf "[$0]: END applying eDirectory TCP tunable parameters\n"