Issue with Search Results#

So we login and query for a specific IP address and the result looks like:
# filter: (networkAddress=1#\c0\a8\20\a1)
# requesting: networkaddress cn uid
# admin,
dn: cn=admin,
uid: admin
networkaddress:: MSPAqCCh
cn: admin
The user disconnects and we query again:
# filter: (networkAddress=1#\c0\a8\20\a1)
# requesting: networkaddress cn uid

# admin,
dn: cn=admin,
uid: admin
cn: admin
NOTICE: There is no value returned for the network address even though it was used in the search filter.

Imonitor shows Network Address

TimeStamp       Flags Type Length     Address
12-12-06 1:59:13 pm 1:1    Not Present     IP     4

NOTICE the "Not Present" BUT the issue is a values still shows.
Normally, "Not Present" would NOT show a value.

Issue With Linux#

Apparently on OES Linux and SLES (I checked this on SLES 10) the format of the Network Address is not the same as it is on OES Netware (or other Netware Versions)

A search for networkAddress returns as:


From what I can tell, this breaks down as:

  • 9# - Implies this is a format of NT_TCP Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) address.
  • 05-E1 - This appears to be the port the user is connected to the Linux Host. However, I have not been able to find documentation for conformation.
  • C0-A8-01-79 - Is the IP address in this case it is

Imonitor shows#

Present TCP 6

ndstrace Shows#

The ndstrace -c connections provides:

What this Means#

As far as I can tell there is no methodology of determining the client that has connected to eDirectory if you are provided only the IP address unless you Retrieve every networkaddress value and parse each values based on the NET_TYPE IP or TCP and then parse the string according to the NET_TYPE.

LDAP searches with Wild Cards all seem to fail. (networkAddress=*\c0\a8\01\79)
I get an error of:
Search failed Root error: (LDAP: error code 18 - Inappropriate Matching)

More Information on Network Address#

More Information#

There might be more information for this subject on one of the following:

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