Networking Cable Information

Over the years, we have come across this cable or that and the vendor for the product usually wanted a fortune for the cable that was obviously nothing but a simple off-the-shelf cable with a twist. So we have tried to capture what some of these cables were so we could either make them on-site or not have to wait for something to get shipped to us.

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Some other good reference is: http://www.blackdown.org/~qtech/hw.html by Joakim O''gren.

Parts of the this FAQ were taken directly from the comp.sys.ibm.pc.hardware.* FAQ (in HTML!) and much of the credit is due to its authors.

Parts of the this FAQ were taken directly from:

  • Site: rtfm.mit.edu Directory: /pub/usenet/news.answers/pc-hardware-faq
  • Site: ftp.uu.net - Directory: /archive/usenet/news.answers/pc-hardware-faq
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Contributors: Mark Lord

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