The Issue#

We want a server in a Tree that does not contain the SLS, be able to log events to the SLS.

Although this is supposed to work, there is no method identified that allows for the setup to be done. The issue is there are some schema extensions required and no methodology to extend the schema in the remote tree is provided.

A workaround Novell provided me:

  • Create the file /etc/mdb.conf (on the SLS) -This conf file controls mdb, which is used by our schema extension tool
  • Put this line in the mdb.conf:
    driver=mdbds referral=10.123.456.789
    This line tells MDB which driver to use. We only bundled ds, so it uses mdbds. Referral is the IP address it will connect to.
  • When you specify the IP address of another server that is not your own, MDB will connect to that server instead.
What this file accomplishes, is that it allows you to run auditext, our schema extension tool, on other servers than the server that you are connected to. Once you have put this file in place, you need to run

Run the option for extend the schema. It will connect to the server specified in the referral, authenticate you to that tree, and then extend the schema for that tree. You need to do this for each tree you want to extend the schema into. I tested this with Solaris, and it works just fine.

Make sure to remove the file after you are done or the SLS will try to authenticate to the remote server.#

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