Path_T contains the eDirectory information for the attributes that use the Path Field.


Defined In:nwdsattr.h and nwdsattr.inc


  typedef struct 
     nuint32   nameSpaceType ; 
     pnstr8    volumeName ; 
     pnstr8    path ; 
  } Path_T;
  Path_T = Record 
        nameSpaceType : nuint32;  
        volumeName : pnstr8; 
        path : pnstr8 


  • NameSpaceType Field - Specifies the name space of the file name (see Section 5.17, Name Space Types).
  • VolumeName Field- Points to the distinguished name of the volume.
  • Path Field - Points to a file system path, formatted according to the name space.

Path_T Name Space Types#

The NameSpaceType Field used by the Path_T structure are listed in the NAME_SPACE_TYPE typedef enumeration in the nwdsdefs.h and nwdsdefs.inc files. These values match the standard name space types defined for the name space functions.

The following table lists this set of NameSpaceType Field Values.

FlagC ValueComment
DS_DOS0DOS name space
DS_MACINTOSH1Macintosh name space
DS_UNIX2UNIX or NFS name space
DS_FTAM3FTAM name space
DS_OS24OS/2, Windows 95, or Windows NT name space

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