a Policy Based Management System consists of four main functional elements:

The Policy Administration Point is used by an administrator to define or update the policies to be enforced in the Policy Based Management System.

The Resulting policies are stored in a Policy Information Point

When new policies have been added in the Policy Information Point, or existing ones have been changed, the Policy Administration Point updates the relevant Policy Decision Point

When an actionable event is encountered at the Policy Enforcement Point contacts the Policy Decision Point which interprets the policies and communicates the appropriate action to be exercised by the Policy Enforcement Point

The most well known policy-based management architecture was specified jointly by the IETF and the DMTF. This consists of four main functional elements:[1]

The preferred choice for communicating policy decisions between a PDP and network devices (PEPs) is the Common Open Policy Service (COPS) or SNMP, and LDAP for the PAP/PDPPIP communication.

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