Privilege is used in many different Contexts. For our discussions we will generally use the description on this page.

Privilege allows an Entity to perform an "Action".

Privilege is a component of a Permission that identifies the type of "Action" that is being delegated to some Trustee

Type Privilege delegation could be:

  • Legal
  • Implied
  • Domain
  • File

Privilege may also define the specific the "Actions" that may be performed on the Target Resource ( for Example CRUD)

  • Create
  • Read
  • Update
  • Delete

Or for Physical Privilege Example the "Actions" might be:

  • Enter
  • Lock (or un-lock)

As an Example we could have Privileges:

  • "File" Privilege to "Read".
  • "Door" Privilege to "Open"

Privilege does not identity:

Although we do not claim to be the best at wordsmithing, this is how we think of Privilege and Permissions.

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