Response_type (OAuth Authorization Endpoint Response Types) defined in Section 3.1.1 the Response_type is used by the Authorization Code Grant type and Implicit Grant type flows.

The OAuth Client informs the Authorization Server of the desired Grant Type using the following parameter:

response_type REQUIRED. The value MUST be one of:

Extension response types MAY contain a space-delimited (%x20) list of values, where the order of values does not matter (e.g., response type "a b" is the same as "b a"). The meaning of such composite response types is defined by their respective specifications.

If an Authorization Request is missing the "response_type" parameter, or if the response_type is not understood, the authorization server MUST return an error response as described in Section

Definitions of Multiple-Valued Response_type Combinations#

This section defines combinations of the values code, token, and id_token, which are each individually registered Response Types.

For all these Response_type, the request MAY include a state parameter, and if so, the Authorization Server MUST echo its value as a response parameter when issuing either a successful response or an error response

OAuth Authorization Endpoint Response Types Registry#

Response_type values should be in the OAuth Authorization Endpoint Response Types Registry

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