Typically refers to products that work with the management of security information.

The typical organization's security implementation is capable of generating an exorbitant amount of data. Detecting failed authentications for the same user ID multiple IDM enable systems in any environment is a daunting task. The SIMs products provide a solution to this problem.

The typical system will aggregated and correlated logs allowing IT security to prioritize security events. The goal of the SEIM products is to allow security pros to detect and react more quickly to attempted penetrations and filter out the "noise" that they do not necessarily need pay attention to.

SIMs also help to help with transaction integrity, specifically around fraud prevention and enterprise applications. Some SIMs integrate with existing third-party fraud prevention tools and based on models of risk activity, monitor transactions for fraudulent patterns. Similarly, SIMs vendors are writing connectors to enterprise apps such as SAP, Oracle and various flavors of CRM to begin watching those types of transactions.


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

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