Serverless is an Architecture and there’s no one clear view of what ‘Serverless’ is, and that isn't helped by it really coming to mean two different but overlapping areas:
  • Serverless was first used to describe applications that significantly or fully depend on third-party applications / services ("in the cloud") to manage server-side logic and state. These are typically "rich client" applications (think single page web apps, or mobile apps) that use the vast ecosystem of cloud accessible databases (like Parse, Firebase), authentication services (Auth0, AWS Cognito), etc. These types of services have been previously described as ‘(Mobile) Backend as a Service’, and we will be using ‘BaaS’ as a shorthand.
  • Serverless can also mean applications where some amount of server-side logic is still written by the application developer but unlike traditional architectures is run in stateless compute containers that are event-triggered, ephemeral (may only last for one invocation), and fully managed by a Third-party. (Thanks to ThoughtWorks for their definition in their most recent Tech Radar.)

One way to think of this is ‘Functions as a Service (FaaS)’ .

AWS Lambda is one of the most popular implementations of FaaS at present, but there are others. We will be using ‘FaaS’ as a shorthand.

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