Displays information about active wiki sessions.

This plugin is a JSPWikiCorePlugin available since version 2.3.84.


  • property = 'users | distinctUsers'
    This parameter is optional.


Number of Active Wiki Sessionsa#

When using the plugin without any parameters, it generates a number as shown below:

Total Active Sessions 21

List of Users#

[{SessionsPlugin property='users'}]
Using user for the property parameter generates an extensive list of all active sessions, like the following :,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

List of Distinct Users#

NOTE: This example won't work correctly until the this site is using version 2.5.32 or later. The current version running on this site is 2.10.1.

[{SessionsPlugin property='distinctUsers'}]
Using distinctUsers for the property parameter generates a list of sessions whereby duplicates are only shown once followed by a counter, like the following :,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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