Syslog Facility

The primary logging for the most Linux/Unix OS platforms is sent to the syslog facility as configured in the /etc/syslog.conf file.

When debugging be sure "debug" priority messages are logged somewhere from /etc/syslog.conf

syslog debug Example:

Something like the following usually works well:

  *.debug               /tmp/syslog.out     rotate size 100k files 4
  *.debug		/var/log/messages

These will produce messages at debug priority that will be syslogged.

Restart syslogd#

Following syslog changes, you will probably need to restart ot refresh syslogd. The process varies by OS Platform.

Linux and Solaris #


On AIX you can, usually use:
stopsrc -s syslogd;startsrc -s syslogd