A value of the Telephone Number LDAP Syntax LDAPSyntaxes is a string of printable characters that complies with the internationally agreed format for representing international telephone numbers E.123

The LDAP-specific encoding of a value of this syntax is the unconverted string of characters, which conforms to the Printable String rule.


+1 512 315 0280
+61 3 9896 7830

The LDAP definition for the Telephone Number LDAP Syntax LDAPSyntaxes is:

The Telephone Number LDAP Syntax LDAPSyntaxes corresponds to the following ASN.1 type from X.520:

PrintableString (SIZE(1..ub-telephone-number))

The value of ub-telephone-number (an integer) is implementation defined. A non-normative definition appears in X.520.

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