Toggle Solaris memory allocator#

This selection is will apply special configuration for older eDirectory versions (< to improve performance and stability. This option must be run on all Solaris 9 servers just to make eDirectory load and function.

The option should be executed again anytime a patch is installed on the server (some patches overwrite these settings).

The latest information from Novell recommends that Solaris 9 eDirectory servers be configured to use the LIBUMEM memory allocator.

Available in build versions >= 20050816.

The toggle now detects the required OS patches and prompts to enable LIBUMEM. An example run is shown below.

2005-08-16 22:08:20: Checking Solaris memory allocator in use...
2005-08-16 22:08:20: You are running as root.
2005-08-16 22:08:20: SetupMemManager not found -- version >= is installed?
Solaris 9 detected; you should configure eDirectory to use LIBUMEM; verify
required OS patches before switching to LIBUMEM:
        112233-11 (or newer ) SunOS 5.9
        112874-13 (or newer ) libc patch
        114370-01 (or newer ) libumem.so.1
        114371-01 (or newer ) libumem; mdb components patch
        114373-01 (or newer ) abi_libumem.so.1 patch
These patches were found:
        112233-12       ok
        112874-30       ok
        114370-03       ok
        114371-01       ok
        114373-01       ok
eDirectory is using MALLOC (BAD); switch to LIBUMEM [y/n/q]? y
2005-08-16 22:08:29: Backing up to /etc/init.d/ndsd.200508162207
2005-08-16 22:08:29 cp -p /etc/init.d/ndsd /etc/init.d/ndsd.200508162207
2005-08-16 22:08:29 chown 440 /etc/init.d/ndsd.200508162207