Returns user profile attributes, or empty strings if the user has not been validated.


<wiki:UserProfile property="<property>" />


the property to evaluate


  • exists - valuates the body of the tag if user's profile exists in the user database
  • created - creation date
  • email - user's e-mail address
  • fullname - user's full name
  • loginname - user's login name
  • modified - last modification date
  • new - evaluates the body of the tag if user's profile does not exist in the user database
  • roles - the roles the user is associated with
  • wikiname - user's wiki name


<wiki:UserProfile property="exists">
   <tag body>
<wiki:UserProfile />

Evaluates the tag's body if the User Profile exists. (checks if the profile is new or not) <wiki:UserProfile property="exists"> <tag body> <wiki:UserProfile />

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